Ph.D, Mechanical Engineering (2014 – 2019)                                                                                                  

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia

Concentration: Nanoscale Heat Transfer, Solar Energy, and Energy Systems

Thesis: Phonon Transport in Amorphous Solids and Random Alloys.

Advisor: Prof. Asegun Henry

Research Areas: Thermal energy grid storage using multijunction photovoltaics, Computational material science (ab initio calculations and molecular dynamics simulation), High temperature thermophotovoltaic heat engine for concentrated solar power, Phonon transport in disordered solids, Nanoscale energy conversion and transport.

Master of Science, Electrical Engineering (2017)

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia

Concentration: Photovoltaics, Optoelectronics and Microsystems Packaging

Selected Courses: Solar cells and photovoltaic, optoelectronics devices, MEMS, microfabrication, microelectronic packaging, organic optoelectronics, packaging (SOC, SOP, SIP, 3D ICs), Thermal packaging of micro/nano systems, solid-state physics, and statistical mechanics.

Master of Science, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (

University of Missouri, Missouri, Columbia     

Concentration: Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics        

Thesis: Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Evaporation and Boiling over Nanostructured Surfaces.

Advisor: Prof. Yuwen Zhang

Research Areas: Nanoscale modeling of evaporation and boiling, Molecular dynamics simulation, Study of single/two-phase thermal management systems, Heat pipe/vapor chambers modeling, Heat transfer enhancement using nanofluids and nanoencapsulated phase change materials slurry.

Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (2009)   

Karaj Azad University, Alborz, Iran          

Concentration: Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics  

Thesis: Numerical Simulation of Gas Turbine Blade Tip Cooling.