Intern, Apple, Product Design/Thermal Engineer in Special Project Group (SPG), Cupertino, CA (Jan 2018 – May 2018) 

• Developed electro-thermal models at system and board levels to analyze various thermal modules
• Experimentally characterized the thermal performance of various dies under different mechanical and thermal loads
• Measured the heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics liquid cold plates designed by SPG
• Worked with product design, hardware, and electrical teams to optimize the cooling strategies

Thermal Engineer, MAPNA Boiler Engineering and Manufacutirng Co, Tehran, Iran (2010- 2011)

• Conducted CFD thermal /conjugate heat transfer /multi-phase flow simulations for various boiler components
• Analyzed and proposed geometry improvements to enhance component cooling
• Developed an optimization algorithm to optimize the performance of shell & tube heat exchangers
• Developed radiation heat transfer models for optimal design and material selection process
• Developed a new computational technique to estimate the permeability of the solid matrix in the RTM process